Thursday, May 10, 2007


I volunteered to make the scribe for "FINDING B". Our lesson in math now makes me so interested about it. Honestly, for the first time, I understood our lesson and I was amazed that I was'nt struggling anymore!!! I really payed attention to it because I really wanted to learn. And now, here I'am scribing and sharing all the things that I know to find the "B" in a triangle.
To be able to find the "B", you MUST know the FORMULA first:

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After knowing the formula, you now have to FIND the "B". Look at the triangle below. It shows that "B" is ?.

*Please get a piece of looseleaf. Try to find the "B" in the picture given below.

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Good job for you if you did it right!!! But if you don't, its alright, just try your best next time. Here is the proper way of substituting. You may copy if you wish.

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So, that means that "B" is equals to 17.3 cm.

Thank you for participating and hopefully that you learned something. Also, thank you very much for this opportunity.

How to find "A" in a Right Triangle =)

Yesterday (05.09) and today (05.10), we learned "Finding A,B, and C in a Right Triangle"

I am assigned to scribe about "Finding A." Follow along with this steps:

1.) For you to be able to find the missing side which is A, you must know the formula first:

2.) To begin with, you must know what the given numbers are:

Now you know that:
(Hypotenuse) C = 10
(Base) B = 6
(Altitude) A = ?

3.) Once you've gathered information, we begin to substitute:

Hope this helped you though it's short. It's really easy! But you MUST ALWAYS know what the formulas are for you to be able to substitute all the way to the answer. Refer to your foldable paper, it's a good source for reviews!

P/S: Comments are more than welcome! Btw, the images above are all made in Paint and copyrighted by ME.

How to find "A" in a Right Triangle by Andrea Tria, 817 =)