Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boeun's Scribe Post 04/17/07

Today in class (day 6 - period 6),
we corrected our blue sheets and got our homework. (blue sheet).

What we corrected (blue sheet):

I'm explaining the LEGO one.

1. Draw out the next two patterns in the space below.

This is the answer for the question #1

Well, I can't actually explain you this right now. There isn't enough information. Let's go to the question #2.

2. Make a table to show the results of your investigation.

This is question 2. The answer is right below. =)

Here are my explanation:

The pattern is that the x row is starting at 1, getting larger by 1, and also in the numerical order. You could also see that the y row starts at 6, getting larger by 3 and the multiples of 3. This could be the answer for the question 3, which says to describe the patterns found in each row.

3. Describe the patterns found in each row.

x row
- starts at 1
- increases by 1
- numerical order

y row
- starts at 6
- increases by 3
- multiples of 3

Now, it's time to explain question 3B.

3B. Describe why the patterns increase the way that they do.

- The pattern increases by 3 because you are adding 3 legos to the edge to create the next figure.

My explanation is exactly the same as my answer for the question 3B.

4. Describe the relationship between the two columns.

- y is larger
- you have to add (+) or multiply (x)
- three times (figure #) plus 3
- 3n + 3

Here is my T chart.

4C. Write an algebraic equation to show this relation ship.

n = figure #
3n + 3

5. Predict what the 20th, 35th, and 99th diagram will look like.

20th -
3n + 3 =
3(20) + 3 =
60 + 3 = 63
63 = 63

35th -
3n + 3 =
3(35) + 3 =
105 + 3 = 108
108 = 108

99th -
3n + 3 =
3(99) + 3 =
297 + 3 = 300
300 = 300

6. Predict which diagram will use 30, 50 and 125 blocks.
(Well, you have to change 50 into 51, change 125 into 126)

30 legos -
3n + 3 =
3(9) + 3 =
27 + 3 = 30
30 = 30

51 legos -

3n + 3 =
3(16) + 3 =
48 + 3 = 51
51 = 51

126 legos -

3n + 3 =
3(41) + 3 =
123 + 3 = 126
126 + 126

For this question, as the questions says, you have to predict. Sometimes it takes long time to predict. There is short cut. Mr. Harbeck will teach us someday.^^
For example, let's figure out 30 legos.

n = figure number

3n + 3 = 30
......- 3.....- 3
3n = 27
..............27/3 = 9
3(9) = 27
27 = 27

This is a correct way to solve this kind of problems.


7. Make a graph for the first 6 terms and label the line according by it's equation.

You have to make a graph for this question.


Today's homework is to finish up 2 blue sheets.
One is called Pyramid power and the other one is called Build me a house #2

This is just to show the pictures together.

I'm finally done and I hope you actually understand it.

Please comment if you want me to change something. Thanks. =)

Monday, April 16, 2007


Date: April 16 2007

<----- first 3 steps
1= 2
2= 4
3= 6

Question 1...

Question 2...

Question 3...
X get larger by 1
- numerical order
- consecutive numbers
- starts with 1
Y gets larger by +2
- even numbers
- start with 2
Question 3-b......
-You start with 2 traps and add 2 traps for each figure you go on
Question 4.....
-you multiply the figure # by 2
- n = figure #
Question 5.....
20th_ 2n -----------> copy expression
2(20)--------> substitute
40-----------> solve
36th_ (changed) 2n= 36
100th_ (changed) 2n=100
Question 6.......
30 blocks_ 2n=30
50 blocks_ 2n=50
125 blocks_ (changed) 2n=126

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scriber Diving - Patterns and Relations 1

1. Draw out the next two patterns in the space below.

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2. Make a table to show the results of your investigation.

3. Describe the patterns found in each row.
x = Gets larger by 1
= Numerical order
= Consecutive numbers
= Starts with one

y = Gets larger by 2
= All odd numbers
= Starts with 2

3.B. Describe why the patterns increase the way that they do.
-The pattern starts at 3 because it takes three tooth picks to create a triangle.
-It then goes up by 2 because there is already 1 triangle and you're just sharing a tooth pick.
-They are all odd numbers because...

4. Describe the relationship between the two columns.
= y is larger
= We have to + or x
= figure + figure + 1
= 2 times figure + 1
= 2n + 1
= n = figure #

4.C. Write an algebraic equation to show this relationship.
= n = figure #

2n + 1 =
2(30) + 1 =
60 + 1 =

5. Predict the 20th, 35th, and 99th diagram will look like.

n = figure #

20th -

2n + 1 =
2(20) + 1 =
40 + 1 =

35th -

2n + 1 =
2(25) + 1 =
50 + 1 =

99th -

2n + 1 =
2(99) + 1 =
198 + 1 =

6. Predict which diagram will use 31, 51, and 125 tooth picks.
2n + 1 = tooth picks

31 tooth picks -

2n + 1 = 31
2(15) + 1 = 31
30 + 1 = 31

51 tooth picks -

2n + 1 = 51
2(25) + 1 = 51
50 + 1 = 51

125 tooth picks -

2n + 1 = 125
2(62) + 1 = 125
124 + 1 = 125

-Jake M.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sribe Notes - April 12th 2006

Today we had started a new unit. It is .....

At the beginning of class Mr. Harbeck had given us 2 sheets of white paper to start a new Booklet entitled, Algebra Booklet #1

In the Booklet we had already started to write down notes. After the first page we had written.....

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#1. Tab Title: Key Words

Variable: a letter or symbol representing a quantity ( number)


Epressions: an algebraic epression has many answers.
-it shows a pattern
-n+6 shows the pattern of a number increased by 6

Equation: an algebraic equation has only 1 answer.

#2. Tab Title: Words that mean +, /, x, -, =
more than
all together
take away
decreased by
less than
groups of
sets of
number of groups
times greater than
repeated addition
percent of
half of
times less than
repeated subtraction
the last little space is for equals but we did not write anything there yet.

#3. Tab Title: Sample Questions
You have to write the date. These questions are due for Tomorrow, April 13th 2007 Friday
You have to write what the sentence is telling you to do.
For example:
8 more than a number- 8+n
The questions.
1. three times a number
2. three more than a number
3.three decreased by a number
4. three less than a number
5. one third of a number
6. eight more than three times a number
7. eight less than three times a number
You can do these questions if you want.
1. seven less than four times a number
2. seven decreased by four times a number
3.nine less than twice a number
4.nine less than half a number
5.seven times a number increased
6.seven times a number increased by four times the number
so this is what we did in class for those of you who wern't at class this morning*ahem* ahem*
-Jaymie S.-

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fiel's Bob

Well fraction is kinda hard for me because you have to do the converting fraction and the reducing fraction... and I don't even know how to do it ...... so now I know how to do it because I always paying attention and I always focusing my work..... so when the test come, I am able to answer all the questions... and specially I practice it by answering the PURPLE BOOKLET... so the purple booklet is a big help to me. It help me to practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCD , equivalent fraction and etc. Learning this thing could be apply to the lessons we will be learning in grade 9 and i am glad that they teach me this kind of topic.


1. Did you like the unproject.
- I enjoyed doing the unproject, because I get to work with a partner.

2. Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?
- Well some of the question we didn't get it, but me and my partner we try our best to finish our work

3. What did you like best about the unproject?
- By doing the designing thing.. just like the glowing words on the wiki.

4. What would you change about the next unproject?
- I would put videos, and make it better.

5. Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project.
- I learn a lot of thing about fraction just like the reducing fraction and the converting fraction... before I don't know how to do the converting and reducing but now I really know how to do it and I am proud to myself.


Rina's Bob

In this unit, the easiest thing that I learned was adding and subtracting fractions. It was easy for me to understand and I got some help from my friends. The purple book helped me on how to add, subtract, devide and mulitply fractions. The hardest thing that I learned in this unit was deviding fractions and a little bit of multiplication. It took me a while to learn because I didn't really understand it very well, but my friends helped me. My goal for the next unit is probably to listen more so I can understand easily what I am being tought.

For the unproject, the best thing that I liked the most was was the backround information on all the different kinds of fractions. I liked this part the best because it was the easiest part, and I had the information about it on my big paper.

orange and green =)

Junebe's BOB

This grade eight unit of fractions wasn't that difficult for me. I sort of get fractions but the word problems I don't really understand. In word problems I get confused because I think its either multiplying, dividing, adding, or subtracting. The most easiest thing I learned this unit about fractions is multiplying. I think multiplying is the easiest, because I like it when I cross reduction it. My goal this year is to practice my word problems.

The Unproject
For the Unproject my partner was Rivka. We did a slide show explaining about Adding, and subtracting fractions. The thing that I like best for doing this project is when I was searching for pictures, and example questions. The part that I disliked about the project is NOTHING.! lol well I think thats all I have to saaay. LAATERZ

Maxine's BOB

So I found fractions a piece of cake. Though I did find word problems a little challenging. First we learned about all the types of fractions. Out of the four there are, proper, improper, mixed, equivalent and lowest common denominator. We made a big paper on these topics, mine is completed. Then we learned to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. I found this all a piece of cake too. To help us we had to do pages on the purple booklet for homework or practise. I always did my homework, that's why I get it. On the purple booklet I was stumped on a few word problems but I got them after. I just get mixed up when it comes to dividing or multiplying in a word problem.

Well I had the bestest partner ever, CJ. We sang a song about topic #1. Which is about fractions. I think we did very well and we deserve a good mark. We did all the background information you need to know and our song is awsome, though I made like one major mistake and Mr. Harbeck said we could cut and paste stuff to delete it but nope, so you can laugh at my mistake because so do I. What I liked best about this project was practising singing the song. I had so much laughs with CJ. And I'll admit this project was a little harder than most of our assignments and CJ and I finished the night before so yea... and if I had to change anything about the next project I would change the marking rubric. SO THAT SLACKERS CAN'T GET GOOD MARKS!! Because it ain't fair! Different type of project definately and it did make me learn more because I had to know about it a whole lot to help with the lyrics. And did I like this project? Yessir!

Michael's Bob

To me fractions are alright for me. I know most of the things you have to do like converting fractions and reducing fractions. I had some trouble with this fraction unit but I would of been able to understand everything if I actully tried during school, not being lazy and pay more attention during class. The things that helped me learn this unit was by doing my purple book and my big paper.

I wasn't a big fan on doing the unassighnment. Actully, im not even done doing my project so it's late right now and I guess I lost a quite a bit of marks. The only thing i liked about while doing the unassighnment was making up the questions. This project was harder than all the others we've done so far because i decided to work alone without a partner so I had to do all of the work myself.

*michael alohhaa*

Monday, April 09, 2007

Paola's bob (fractions)

fractions for me is no prob!since i studied it in my elementary years. But when the word problem came in the scene(test), this is what makes me sooooo!!confused!I don't know how to solve it since there is no mathematical signs on it, instead they used words. so i focused on working in word problem. i practice it by answering the PURPLE BOOKLET!
PURPLE BOOKLET is a big help to me. It help me to practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCD , equivalent fraction etc. Learning this thing could be apply to the lessons we will be learning in grade 9 and i am glad that they teach you this kind of topic.

The Unproject
This is the most fun unproject i ever did!!!!we chose to do a song, Camille and Me. I also enjoyed watching and seeing the unprojects of the other students from my class and from different class. The personal background is like doing a scribe because you put all the things you've learned in fractions and putting slides. I think that in this way of making projects, it would be easy and a big help for students like me to learn the topic but in different way that students are not only learning but also enjoying.


Fraction is kind of easy to me though I don't like it because you need to take so many step at some problems. Sometimes you need to convert, or reduce and stuff. But its still easy for me. But sometimes some of the question confuses me especially the word problems. I don't like word problems. OH YEAH we did an unproject.

I don't really like the unproject because I don't use wikispaces much. I really work hard on this harder than usual. The one I like best about the unproject is the one where I searched the definitions of some words like fractions, proper fractions, mixed number, etc. I guess next time I'll put the picture with the definition rather than putting it in a seperate link. I didn't really learn anything more when I look at the unproject because I already know all of them. I already learn all of them.

BOB fractions

fractions??? uh i think i started learning about fractions when i was in grade 1. but i strated learning adding, subtracting, multipying and dividing fractions when i was in grade 4. but i forgot all about it, like i forgot how to do it. anyway, in this unit, i learned about fractions again (kinds of fractions, how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions). when we started doing the 1st page on the purple booklet, i thought that i wouldnt be able to understand on how to do those things, but i actually do understand it. i have struggled in some of our quizes because i really get confuse of some fractions especially when it comes to adding and subtracting fractions. well, the purple booklet really helped me to understand everything. for me, i really think that i did a great job, because im not really having some problems in this term not like before.

lets talk about the unproject thingy, well i really had a great time working with my partner which is junebe. well the project that we did was a slide. we did it because we thought that was the easiest. in our project, we explained about our topic, our topic was adding and subtracting fractions. we also put some examples in each slides. its kind of hard though, especially when draw some pictures on paint =). but yeah, atleast me and junbe have done something and we really gave lots of efforts doing that. well i think thats all i can say about our project.

oh yeah!! thanks mr henley and mr harbeck for helping and teaching us about fractions!=)

-RivkaC. 8-17

Shawn's BOB

Personally, i didn't like the unassignment, actually, i didn't like the unproject at all. Well, there was one thing i liked and it was making the pictures, but putting the info wasnt all the great either. The unproject sure did make me work harder than all other assignments we did, but thanks to jake being there and helping me, he cut down the work.

What i liked best about the unproject was like i said, making the pictures because it helped me to use other programs to make the diagrams for our unproject. What i would change about the next unproject, is that i would choose a different selection for the choices we had to choose from. Like a video for example, it would be a great experience ;P. The unproject didn't really make me learn more about fractions because i was doing a different type of project because i think fractions are easy because my grade 6 teacher taught us well on fractions and i carried it to grade 7 and 8, so i think doing this unproject didn't really make me learn more, but it made me work harder.

tgeeehh boy this is SHAWN

Andrea's Fractions B.O.B. =)

Fractions. When I first heard that we're going to talk about fractions in Math Class, I first thought it's going to be easy. Because fractions are somewhat introduced to regular students at like, Grade 3. But half way through the lesson, I found some things complicated, like the borrowing part.

But of course, by listening attentively, the borrowing part is as easy as pie. It's just hard when you first look at it. And I find word problems really tricky. Thanks to the purple booklet! I practiced solving word problems in different types: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The best part for me is the multiplying and dividing fractions. The things is, back in my elementary days, finding the LCD and cross-reductions became really hard for me. But now, I find it really easy and somehow very interesting.

The Unproject. I liked (and I still do!) the idea of the unproject because I think it's a very unique and smart way to show our knowledge and creativity. Different students picked different kinds of projects. Some did a movie, a song, and an animation. Depends on how they want their own abilities to be seen. I, myself, did a quiz that would be good for reviewing. When Mr. Harbeck announced that we're going to have unprojects, I was really weirded/freaked out because I thought it's really, really hard to do. But when I tried, I got really busy. Just so when I realized that the unproject isn't really that hard (I just had it inside my head), you just have to give it your all. It really got me all worked up because I was thinking that I was on my own, and I have nobody to rely on but myself. Though I actually didn't start the unproject until Spring Break's over (lazy bum!). But I'm pretty surprised that it turned out a lot better than I've expected :) But next time, I'll try to have my unproject done before the night of the due date, so I won't have to rush or stay up all night doing the unproject.

See for yourselves! Here's a link to my Wiki Unproject (though this is linked to my Background Info. Just click the link there to navigate to my actual unproject):
My BG info // also, there's a link here to my unproject :)

Janna's Blogging on Blogger a.k.a B.O.B

Fractions Unit:
Our fraction unit was complicated. I did learn how to add and subtract same denominators in grade 5 but not multiplying or dividing or even finding the LCD. I got the adding and subtracting right away. I also understood the multiplying and dividing too, I just didn't know when to do in a word problem. I still get confused while doing some word problems. The Purple book helped me practice the four types of fractions as well as finding the L.C.D. I mostly had my work done in the purple book when it was assigned, Otherwise my work was always completed.

The UnAssignment:
I really had a fun time while doing my UnAssignment. My sister helped me out and we had many laughs together while filming the video. It definatly took a lot of time (9-11 hours)but in the end I'm happy how it came out. Although I didn't actually start the project until 2 days before the project was actually due (I have a very bad procrastination problem hehe) It still came along. It took a lot of takes before it was right. The UnProject didn;t make me work harder than I usually work because when it comes to projects and test I always work and study really, really hard. (Although, I still can't beat Jake) The thing that I liked best about the UnProject was spending time with my sister. It also kept the information fresh in my head. I kept repeating all of the information and now I don't think I'd be able to ever forget this stuff. The thing/s I would change about the next UnProject would me be starting the project sooner so I wouldn't be rushing to do it. I would also have thought out everything before filming because it wasted some time. The UnProject was definatly different than any other project that I've ever done before. So... Of course I learned a lot more than a normal project would teach me. Basicaly I learned how to use Windows Movie Maker and I got experiance in acting like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. Also maybe someday I'll have my own talkshow. Well actually no, I don't think I'd want one!

Thanks Mr. Harbeck and Mr. Hanley for teaching me some really cool stuff and also giving me a chance to do such a unique project such as the UnAssignment!!!

You can see my UnAssignment by clicking on the following link!!!

-------------------------------------------Janna K.-------------------------------------------

John's BOB

In this unit we learned about fractions, how to add, divide, multiply and subtract fractions. I learned how to convert improper to mixed fractions and how to convert mixed to improper fractions. After that Mr. Hanley gave us the purple booklet to work on. We have to finish every page as we go on to our lessons. It help me to understand fractions more and learned a lot. I still get confused on word problems because of that there is no symbol just words and numbers. Fractions wasn't that hard when you know what your doing.

Unproject Reflection
1. Did you like the unproject.
I enjoyed doing the unproject, because I get to work with a partner.

2. Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?
Yes, me and my partner did our best.

3. What did you like best about the unproject?
I like the part when it was finish and complete.

4. What would you change about the next unproject?
I would put videos, and make it better.

5. Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project.
I learn a lot from the unproject because I get to do fractions and put everything there is to know about fraction.

NiCoLe'S >>BOB<<

http://www.Pimp-Text.com/ - Pimp Text
I still remember when I was in grade 4, we've studied the same thing. Our teacher taught us about the adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of fractions. I already thought that it won't be as easy as some thinks and that it will take me a long time in order to understand the topic. I felt so s__pid especially when my teacher is explaining and I can't even answer her questions or even participate because I don't know how to do the thing that she wants me to do. I want to ask her if she can help me to explain the topic but everytime that I will go to her room, I'm really scared. Maybe because I always think that she will get mad, shout at me and will say that I don't understand it because I wasn't paying attention. So what I did is that I study very hard. But still, I did not got it and still confused.
Ever since, I got scared in math subject especially when we study the fractions. But when I was in 1st year(grade 7), my teacher helped me a lot. She taught me not to be scared in this subject because it's not as scary and so confusing as what I think. She said that I should have not take it very seriously or else, I wouldn't be able to see and feel how fun it is. I really followed her advice. And yes!!! It really worked!!!
So now, I'm not scared no more!!! I sometimes struggle but I don't give up.
I really learned a lot and it even clarified the things that I don't understand. I now learned how to divide the fraction.
I learned how to multiply the fraction as well as to add and subtract it. Mr. Harbeck gave us some advices how to solve it easily. Whenever he teaches us, happy/funny moments cannot be missed. That's why I felt so alive especially when his subject was our first thing in the morning. Adding Fractions isn't that hard. First step is to get the "COMMON DENOMINATOR" and when you already get it, you can now solve it. But you have to make sure that the answer that you're going to encircle is the "LOWEST TERM". Same thing with Subtracting Fractions. You have to make sure that the denominators are the same. Subtract both numerators. But if the first numerator is smaller than the second denominator, you have to do the borrowing and then subtract it. In Multiplying Fractions, you don't have to get the common denominator. You just have to multiply the numerator and next is the denominator. When you get the answer, you must simplify it. In Dividing Fractions, you don't even have to find the common denominator but you may notice that it is a little bit different from the others. The first step is to inverse the second fraction. It is now reciprocal. The second step is to multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second. And the last step is to simplify the fraction.
Now, I know that I can answer any fraction problems without hesitation. I hope that I would be able to pass the test tomorrow.

Please click the following link to see my Wiki- Unassignment Project : http://spfractions.wikispaces.com/Nicole+S.+817


Ian's BOB

In this unit we study about fraction. We study about all kinds of fraction. Also we learned how to convert improper fraction to mixed fraction and mixed fraction. But these are just the beginning. I don't really know that fraction is easy. When Mr. Harbeck and Mr. Hanley started the adding fraction, I thought that I can't do it. When they teach us about it, it became easy to me. Also the mutiplying, subracting, dividing are easy. We learn about the LCD, cross reducing, reciprocals, and many more. The pink sheet really help in this unit. I discover a lot of things because of it. Thank to Mr. Harbeck we learn a lot of things about fraction.

I wish the next unit is easy too.

unassignment project

1 Did you like the unproject.
yes it was so exciting
2 Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?
yes I really work than ever before.

3 What did you like best about the unproject?
explaining the background impormation.

4 What would you change about the next unproject?
5 Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project
yes because I research and discover more.

-Ian "CHESTER" Abad

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Marielle's BOB .

The fraction unit was sort of easy, yet sort of complicating at some points. What I found easy was making fractions equivalent to each other & multiplying them. It was easy for me because you only had to multiply the numerators by each other then the denominators. The part that confused me the most was the word problems because I sometimes forget when to multiply/ divide/ add/ or subtract. Right now, I sort of know how to do it, but I still need some help at times. During this unit, what helped me the most was using cross reduction. It helps a lot because it makes numbers easier to multiply.

Also in math, we did an unassignment. As a partner, I chose Angelic M. It didn’t really take us as long as we thought it would. For the unproject, we did a song about fractions. It didn’t really make me work harder as I usually would; the fact that I procrastinate a lot. What I liked best about doing this unproject was trying to sing the song with Angelic because we had non stop laughs & a lot of fun. What I would change in the next unproject is to maybe find a way to make our background info more creative and to work more on our song and see if we can make it better. I don’t really think that doing this unproject made me learn more because the only thing we had to do here was explain what fractions are. Basically, they are parts of a whole. However, if we were to talk more in detail, we would talk about the different types and how to solve/convert them; which is pretty easy. I guess the only thing that this made me learn more about was using different computer programs to edit and record our song & different websites to make our images and put them into slideshows.

+ muuuuriellers .8-17

BOB ; Fractions

In this fraction unit, things weren't really difficult. As we were learning about the unit, there were some things that refreshed my memory and things that fixed some problems that I were having with no questions asked. One thing that gave me trouble were word problems. It confused me on when to multiply or divide on the problems. I still need some work on that and hope to find a more easier way to solve them. Also I did have trouble on drawing the pictures to compare on the problems, but when Mr. Harbeck explained it over and over again, started making sense to me.

On the un-project assignment, my partner was Jaymie. We made a slideshow on explaining "What Are Fractions??" First we made some pictures to explain our background information. Then we brainstormed some things on how to make our slide show perfect. It took us a lot of time to put it all together and it wasn't easy. We used every reference that would help us to put it all together.

I hope the next unit will be easy and not so confusing.

- Amy L.

kristian's BOB

What I learnedfrom our lesson about "fraction" are. The definition of fraction, the different kinds of fraction which Proper, Improper, Mixed, Equivalent fraction. I learned that the denominator tells how many of a whole is being divided while the numerator gives part of a whole. I also learned how to cconvert mixed fraction into improper fraction and convering improper fraction to mixed fraction. I also learned how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fraction. I learned that adding fraction, only the numerator is being added/subtracted while the denominator remain the same.

I hope I gonna get higher marks in this term...


Then, multiplying, because when you're multiplying fractions, all you really have to do is cross multiply if it is possible and multiply.
Then, multiplying, because when you're multiplying fractions, all you really have to do is cross REDUCE if it is possible and multiply.

SORRY (for any inconvience),

BOB - Fractions

Fractions can be very complicating. However, the easiest thing to do with fractions is add. Only because it's practically the easiest thing to do in math? But, the neckst easiest thing would be subracting, because it is kind of like subtracting normal numbers. But in order to add or subtract fractions, you must have the same denominator, (LCD), which isn't hard to find if you know your times table. Then, multiplying, because when you're multiplying fractions, all you really have to do is cross multiply if it is possible and multiply. Dividing is easy too, i guess. Only because you're not really dividing, you're multiplying. Reflecting on my work habits: I do all of my work on time. On Thursday, i was having trouble with the word problems because i didn't know when to multiply or divide, or add or subtract and then multiply or divide. That could be something i should probably work on before the test on Tuesday.
We were un-assigned an un-assignment. I was partners with Mackseeen and it was pretty fun. This un-project sort of made me work a little harder, but that may only be just because we kind of didn't really start 'til a week or two after it was un-assigned. =\ WHOOOOPS. But we got whatever we needed, done. What i liked best about the un-project was that we had no rules and anything was acceptable. As long as we explained everything an alien would want to know about fractions, how to multiply and divide fractions, or add and subtract fractions. What i would change about the neckst un-project is when it was un-assigned because it was un-assigned during spring break, and even though it was, i guess, a better date to un-assign it because we could get to see our friends during spring break, me and macks only met one day out of the nine. And two or three days after that. But it was more than enough time to complete this un-assignment. I guess i learned more than what i would have learned if we just did a boring assignment/project because it was more fun. And the stuff you learned while having fun will stick in your brain longer? Well, that's the way i see it.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Camille's B.O.B Fractions

I really had fun and I also learned alot about fractions. When I first saw adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions, I thought it was hard, but when I tried solving them, it was very easy. I think the easiest part that we did was adding fractions (actually, I think all of them are easy). Adding fractions is the easiest one because when I do something to the denominator, I just need to do the same thing to the numerator. Then you have to cross reduce (if there is something to be cross reduced). After that, I just have to add the two numerators together and the two whole numbers (you only have to add the two whole numbers if you have a mixed fraction) ***don't do anything or don't add the two denominators. If you have improper fraction, you need to convert it into mixed fraction. If you have a mixed fraction and a proper fraction, you don't have to do change or do anything to the whole number, just put it into your answer as your whole number. I learned that you can make your answer into a drawing (drawing a shape and cutting them in halves, thirds, fourths, etc.). I also learned that we can cross reduce in questions like multiplying and adding. I think the hardest part was solving word problems because I didn't know what symbol to use, I didn't know if I have to use either adding, multiplying, subtracting or dividing, but I know how to read word problems now, THANKS TO MR. HARBECK. I think I did all my homeworks and assignments in the purple booklet. I also finished my big paper with the adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. I did bad on some of our tests.

I had fun and I liked the unproject that we did. My partner was Paola. The unproject wasn't hard for me at all because all we did was explain mixed, proper, improper and equivalent fractions, and we also had to explain how to convert mixed fraction into improper fraction and how to convert improper fraction into mixed number. We also had to make a lyrics and we had to sing it, but it make me work harder because we had to use recorder and stuffs and we also did the project all over again when we had mistakes. The best thing i liked about the unproject was when we sang and rap. That was really fun because I went to Paola's house to record and watch, eat, and chat. I would add more informations and take the project more seriously and have more pictures too if we're going to do another unproject like what we did before about fractions. This unproject didn't really made me learn more because all we did was explain the different kinds of fractions, that's all, but one thing I learned was how to use the COOL EDIT because that's where we recorded our song.

If you want to look at my project, click here!!!!


I hope I would learn something new next time. I also hope to get higher marks in the third term.

- Camille T. -

Friday, April 06, 2007

Jake's Fraction smells like BOB

Let's see... this so called fraction unit wasn't all that difficult. It's just the way I was taught how to do it this year is different from the way i learned how to do it in grade 6. For me... i still think the way i was taught is easier. The most difficult part for me is the problem solving. I am soooo confused when it comes to those things, but i guess i just have to go to my grade 6 teacher and learn.

We had an unassignment project that was unassigned to us and i chose the shawn maestor as my partner. We worked together on it everyday in the break, we stayed up at night, talked on the phone all day and so on. For me... I don't want to put this into harsh words or anything, but i personally don't like projects or assignments and especially unassignments. The unassignment project was just like other projects i've done... it did make me work harder because i'm a procrastinator, but otherwise, it wasn't all that hard. The thing i like about doing the project is i got used to using this graphics program called Adobe Photoshop... i always see my brother use it... i guessed with the designs it carried, it can make my project creative. The thing i would change for the next unassignment project is the selection of the choices we had to choose from. I would like to create a video with friends. The unassignment project didn't really make me learn more, because i explaining what fractions are aren't all that hard... i was born with a fraction on my head. It did make me learn how to use other wikitools and picture programs.

I hope the next unit will be how to add 2 digit numbers... or as easy as that.

-Jake H.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Boeun's BOB - Fractions

I had so much fun with this unit, because I thought this unit was the easiest one that we learned from the first day of the school, until now. It also refreshed my memories about fractions too. The easiest part was to multiply the fractions. I only had to do cross reduction and multiply the Numerators and the Denominators, than I just had to put it into a mixed fraction or a proper fraction. The hardest part was to figure out whether I should solve the word problem with adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. Now, I know what word means to add, subtract, multiply or divide. I learned that you could estimate the answer by drawing a picture. THANKS MR. HARBECK & MR. HANLY! =)

I had fun with doing my fractions assignment. My partner was Sarah, and I think we really worked hard as a team. We made a PowerPoint slide show for our project. The project really made me to work more harder than I usually would. If Mr. Harbeck didn't assign the project, I would have been fail the tests that we had during this unit. The best part of all was to make a slide show. The bubbleshare didn't work so I used slide.com instead, and it turned out really well so I think it was the best part. If I have another chance to do this project again, I'll write the information more specifically and will have more pictures and questions to explain more. This project made me learn more too.

I hope I would do well with the next unit that is coming up, and I wish that I won't forget about the fractions.

- Boeun S. -

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This unit really refreshed my memory on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. The unit started out really easy and ended kind of easy too. The hardest part I think was trying to figure out what operation you had to do when answering a word problem but I think I've got the hang of it. The easiest part was multiplying fractions. All you had to do was multiply the numerators and then the denominators. I did learn some new things like that you can cross reduce in questions and how to estimate the answer to a division question using pictures.

We did an un-fraction math project in math. My partner was Amy and we decided on making a slide show for our project. First we had to do the background information of our project. I think that we did a good job and will get a fairly good mark. Here is the link to our project. We also did a purple booklet that had problems all about fractions. It wasn't easy and it wasn't hard. Most of our test questions were based on that booklet.

I hope the upcoming units are easy just like this one and that I hope that I am ready for this part on the exam.

-jaymie S.-