Sunday, October 01, 2006

Why we learn Math

As I was cruising the net looking for something interesting to say I found this movie at Google Movies. The Math Lesson

is the reason why we learn math and need to understand the concepts behind the arithmatic.

Enjoy the show!!

Leave a comment about what you think about this video clip.

Mr. Harbeck


alex said...

ha ha ha ha its so funy!
hi mr. H

trixierose_09 said...

it's so weird mr. harbeck...but it's funny!good choice!lol

Janna said...

Oh wow its funny and i was watching numbers at the same time and Charlie was writing on the chalkboard at the same time LOL(laugh out loud). Anywyaz its really funny.

rivka said...

hehehehe... that was so funny mr. harbeck! especially when they arguing about how did they got 25!

JayS said...

its funny, very interesting to watch