Monday, January 08, 2007

Amalia's post

Today in math class we had first whent reviewd the percent. A percent is a number out of a hundred. And also revied some questions : what is 40% of 92?
92/100 = 0.92 x 1 = 0.92% x 35= 32.2 that was my answer.
when we corrected it in class it whent like this

92 / 100= 0.92/1 = /4o 0.92 x 40 =36.8 36.8/92 = 40/100

Next Mr. Harbeck gave us problems of the week. And worked on visual. We had to figure out the message by filling in the number line. Example: m to i is +4 We had to solve negative and positive to get it done.

Then that mr.Harbek gave us a blue booklet. in question A. it says shade in 1/2 of the square in at least six different ways. So Mr. Harbek was examples.

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