Monday, January 08, 2007

michael alota's scribe

Today in class we first started out by putting some papers in our portfolio. When we were finished, we reviewed percents. Like what percentage means and we also got some questions. Here are the questions we got:

1) What is 40% of 92
answer: 92 divided by 100 = 0.92x40=36.8
2) what % of 60 is 24?
answer: 60 divided by 100 = 0.60
24x100 divided by 60 = 40
3) 35 is what % of 42?

answer: 35 divided by 42 - 0.833 x 100 = 83.3

Also during class we got a yellow sheet that was handed out. The whole class did question one which is called Visual but not before Mr. Harbeck explained to us.

The question looked like this:


Mr. Ellen had the fallowing exercise on the overhead project for his class to do when they came in Monday morning. What was his message to the class? Look at or draw this number line and fill in the letter given in the instructions. The first one is done for you.

[M to I is +4]------------------- [ O2 to O3 is +4 ]

[I to O is -8 O3]--------------- [to G1 is -6]

[O1 to N1 is +7]-------------- [G1 to D is +3]

[N1 to N2 is +2]------------- [D to G2 is +8]

[N2 to O2 is -8]------------- [G2 To R is -4]


We had homework that was assigned to us today. First you u have to finish that yellow sheet with the number line and putting all the numbers and letters in the correct place.

Then we had the blue booklet. The first question says

A. Shade in 1/2 of the square in at least six ways.

B. Shade in 1/3 of the rectangle in at least six ways.

C.Determine what fraction of each flag is shaded.

Well that all the homework for math and I don't know who has and has been the scribe so bye.

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