Sunday, March 11, 2007

Amy's Scribe Post ; Common Denominators

What is a Common Denominator?

A Common Denominator is 2 or more fractions that have the same denominator.

There are 2 simple rules to solving Common Denominators if they don't have the same denominators:

There are also many ways into solving Common Denominators. Look at the bubbleshare for 1 kind of example.

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There is also another way when you don't have to cross multiply to get the Common Denominator. That way is when the denominators have the same factor.

I hope you understand my explanations of Common Denominators and I hope this explanation will help you throughout the future :)


andrea . said...

amy , great job , really! i think you made it sound a hundred percent easier .. haha

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB AMY!! it's really easy to understand your post! THANKS AMY!! ^^