Sunday, March 11, 2007

SUPER SCRiBE: Subtracting Fractions

My super scribe is about subtracting fractions. Here are the steps :

CHECK if they are the same type of fractions. (Mixed/ Improper/ or Proper) If they are not the same, convert them so that they are.
Then check if they have the same denominator. If they do not, make them equal by either cross multiplying or multiplying it by a number that will make it equal into the other denominator.

Once the denominators of the fractions are the same(equal), you subtract the numerators. If possible, simplify (reduce) the fractions. Whatever you get from subtracting the numerators, you put over the denominator. The result is your answer.

>> Marielle D. 8-17


andrea . said...

marielle . good job w/ the bubbleshares ! (yy)

michelle 8-16 said...

Great job on your scribe post. You put a lot of effort into it!