Thursday, December 21, 2006


1. What is a good definition of a percent?
You should use words symbols, Pictures and numerical examples in your definition.
A number out of 100 (50% = 50/100)

it is an equivalent out of 100
symbol is %

How are three fifths (3/5), 3:2, 60% and 0.6 all the same? Use pictures and words to show your answer.

Question 3: Show 3 different ways to find 35% of 80.
1. 80 divided by 100= 0.8 times 35 = 28
2. 35 divided by 100 =0.35 times 80 = 28

3. 100 divided by 100=1 80 divided by 100=0.8

Question 4: Find a link to blogs that deal with percentages. Leave a comment behind and add the link with review.

Question 5: The principal announced that 50% of the children in Ms. Stanzi"s class met their reading goal for the mouth and that 55% of the children in Mrs.Lowrey's class met their reading goal for their reading goal forthe mouth. Ms. Stanzi said that a greater number of her students met their reading goal. Could Ms.Stanzi be correct? Why or Why not?

Maybe yes or no. Because Ms.Stanzi has a lower percent, and Ms. Lowrey has 5 percent higher. But you wouldn't really know because it doesn't say how much students are in each class. And maybe because, there are less students
in Ms Stanzis class thats probably reached a higher goal even though it's a less percentage, and for Ms. Lowreys class there are probably more students thats why.

Question 6: Use a hundred grid (unit square) to illustrate the following question. Once you have explained and illustated what the question means solve it.

a) 16 is 40% of what number?

b) 120 divide 100= 1.2 x 30= 36

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