Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fiel's Scribe

Hoy people listen up I'm the scribe for today and I would like to tell you my scribe. So please read it carefully.

Today we start a big paper and in the morning we did a Quiz about fraction, decimal, percentage and ratio.

Mr. Harbeck tell us to found the definition for fraction, decimal, percentage.

And then Mr. Henly shows us one example of ration.


you have 7 candy bars. 3 of them are kit Kat's and 4 of them are mars.

3/7 # 3 is kit Kat's and # 7 is candy bars

4/7 # 4 is mars and # 7 is candy bars


5- Part and 8 - whole

5 and 3 are Part and Part means whole

and that's the example of ratio.

In the after noon, we work on group of four or three and share our definition, and also we did are second Quiz. Its about ratio because many of us didn't understand ratio.

well this is my scribe for today......
thank you for reading it and the next
scribe isssss uhmmm aaron

yeeeessss I'm dooonee

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Janna said...

Good scribe fiel