Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen I would like to tell you my scribe.So please read it carefully.

today, we study how do to estimate the square to a fraction.And this is it start.

When we start the class MR. HANLEY the tallest guy in the room asked as to solve the square root of 110.

so I solve it like this:

/100 /110 /121
100 and 121 are the perfect square between 110.

the factors of 100 is 10 so the square root of 110 is 10.?.
When we finish solving it, MR. HANLEY asked us if do we had any ideas to estimate the square root.

when Jamie told him other idea,he told us the main topic of the subject today, HOW TO ESTIMATE THE SQUARE TO FRACTION.

and he asked to solve these:

and i solve it like this:

and then he asked as to solved the square root of 19 by fraction
and this is how i solve it:
/16 /19 /25
I look for perfect square between 19.And I found 16 and 25.I did it by looking for perfect square chart.Then I look for 19 and 19 is the 3rd square after 16 so the numerator is 3 then i look for denominator by counting 17 to 25 and the denominator is 9.the last i had to find the whole number by looking to the perfect square chart and i found that 16 is the 4Th perfect so 4 is the whole number.
so the answer is 4 3/9.
and this is our homework today:
find the square root by fraction.
thank you for reading the royal scribe of Ian. :p
and the next scribe is Kristian
ha ha ha I'm done.
there are some mistake in my first one so I correct it.


Mr. H said...

Great Scribe post Ian. Nice use of images. Thanks for taking the time.

Maxine said...

haha good job Ian that acually helped me, thanks! - max

ice_23 said...

he he he I had a good work