Friday, November 17, 2006

Rommel's scribe post

The first thing that we did in class was to put the square root unit in order which was... the pink paper, the perfect square chart, the fist journal(which ones the perfect square),journal 2 where you had to draw things,the perfect squre the long paper, estimating square roots using chart and biulding problem, estimating square roots using fractions,recipe quiz 1 corrected,quiz 2 corrected, and the test corrected.

Then we got split in groups and got this paper and cards with pictures of decimals, percent, fractions, and pictures.

Ratio tells how one number is related to another number is related to another. A ratio may be written as " A:B " or the phrase " A to B" . A ratio of 1:5 says that the second number is 5 times as large as the first. The following steps will allow determination of a number when one number and the ratio between the numbers is given.

Determine the value of the B if A:B and hte ratio of A:B = 25

-determine how many times the valiable A is divisible by the corresponding portion of the ratio. (6/2=3
-multiply this number by the portion of the ratio prestenting B(3x5=15)
-Therefore if the ratio of A:B is 2:5 and A=6 then B+15

Next scribe is Fiel

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Mr. H said...

When you borrow someones picture you need to say who created it. This is called a citation. Please tell us who created the chart. It is ok to use it just cite who created the picture.

Thanks for scribing.