Saturday, November 25, 2006

!!!Janna's Scribe Post!!!


Well, since Aaron didn't complete or try to do his scribe I get to do the honours of replacing him. To start off class we looked at our homework as quick as we could since we didn't get math the next day(which was Wednesday). Our homework was to find the formula of getting the following below:

to Fraction: The first number or part of the ratio will be the numerator of the fraction. Add the numerator and the denominator to get the second number in the fraction. Part to part.

Example: Ratio is 3:1. Numerator is 3 since 3 is the first number. 3+1=4. 4 is the denominator.

to Decimal: Get a fraction from the Ratio by using the formula above. Then divide the numerator by the denominator to get the decimal.

Example: Ratio is 4:2. Fraction is 4/6. 4 divided by 6 = 0.666666666667

to Percent: First get a fraction form the Ratio. Take the Numerator and divide it by the Denominator to get a decimal. Multiply the decimal by 100.

Example: Ratio is 2:5. Fraction is 2/7. 2 divided by 7= 0.285714 (repeated) x 100= 28.5714285714

to Decimal: Divide the numerator by the Denominator

Example: Fraction is 3/5. 3 divided by 5 = 0.6

to Percent: Divide the Numerator by the Denominator. Take the decimal and multiply it by 100.

Example: Fraction is 1/3. 1 divided by 3 = 0.333333(repeated) x 100= 33.333333(reapeated)

to Ratio: Take the Numerator and make it the first number in the ratio. Then add the numerator and the denominator to get the second number in the ratio.

Example: Fraction is 4/1. 4 is your first number or part. 4+1=5. 5 is your second number or part.

to Fraction: Say the number --> Write the number.

Example: Decimal is 0.48. Say it. 48 hundredths. write it, 48/100.

to Ratio: Turn the decimal to a fraction first. Then take the numerator and make it the first number in the ratio. Take the denominator and subtract the numerator from it to get
the second number in the ratio.

Example: Fraction is 3/8. 3 is the numerator so its the first number or part. 8-3=5. 5 is the second number or part. Ratio is 3:5

to Percent: Take the decimal and multiply it by 100. Simplify if you can.

Example: Decimal is o.83. 0.83 x 100= 83 83/100

to Ratio: Take the percentage and get rid of the percent sign. That will be the first number or part. Then subtract the percentage by the value of the bottom number(usually 100) to give you the second number or part.
First number in ratio = the
Second number in ratio = (value of number e.g. 100) 100 - percentage

Example: Percent is 46%. 46

to Decimal: Take away the percent signs and divided by 100.

Example: Percent is 37%. 37 divided by 100=0.37

to Fraction: Since percents are out of 100, just take the percent put it over 100 and take away the percent signs. Then Simplify.
Example: Percent is 77%.


Complete the following for our portfolio's':
1. Equivalent Chart
2. Big Paper
3. Quiz 1
4. Equivalent Assignment
5. Quiz 2

Our homework was to finish off boxes four and five on our big papers. It would be ___ to ___ in box 4. Then in box five the formula. (box 3 should be full of pictures).

Also the Equivalent worksheet found below my post, should be completed. The one where you have to find 4 decimals using 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and then use your formulas to get the fraction, ratio and percent for them all.

Some websites you can visit are found below:

This site gives you different questions for fractions, ratios, decimals and percents, such as finding fractions from coloured grids. Then compare it to other fractions, ratios, decimals and percents. It also gives you the answer when you click on the word "answer". It includes questions and some ways of solving these problems.
This site shows you formulas to get certain thins from something. Such as a fraction to a ratio ...etc. It is not as useful as the first site above, but it does help if you get stuck on the homework and work shown above in my scribe.

The Next Scribe Is Carmie-Jane (C.J.)


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