Monday, November 27, 2006

Marielle's scribe post: equivalents


During our second period of math (6th period) we first worked on our equivalents numberline (assignment #2) on the long graph paper Mr.Harbeck had given us.

Your finished assignment should look similar to this :

After being given almost half the class to finish the numberline, we were given another assignment titled "Equivalents Assignment 3". It consisted of 4 questions about percent, decimal, ratio, and fraction. You had to convert each one to each of the 4 listed (fraction, decimal,ratio, percent). At the bottom of the questions were the 'personal reflection' which also had to be answered too. If you did not copy down all the questions in class, assignment #3 can be found at the link below:

If you have forgotten how to convert fractions to decimals or any others, just check your big paper, or janna's scribe (located under Cj's). You may also use these sites I've found:
^^ this site talks about everything we have learned so far in math class. It also contains other things related to math like how to solve word problems, dividing/multiply fractions, and many more.

This all pretty much ended our day. Tomorrow there will be a "pre-test" about ratios, fractions,percents, and decimals. The next scribe will be maaxineriLaaay :) [Maxine A]

`Marielle D. 8-17


michelle 8-16 said...

Great scribe post Marielle!
I like the links and the images you've added. You put alot of effort in making this post.

marielleD_ said...

lol thaanks michelle

Maxine said...

Dude, like wow. that post is awsome. and yea hha u could say you put alot of effort. :P

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Oh shoot i was going to tell you what a great job u did but i got a little carried away down or up there not sure where it will appear. This is fun doing comments haha im never bored. Oh and Mr.H if you read this my mom got me a piece of cardboard (round) so i could drive to school LOL
ohh you did a great job marielle and i like the stuff you wrote in ur thinger

Mark I said...

Nice scribe Marielle!

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haha marielle good job..the directions are clear... look who made hall of fame now haha..
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