Monday, November 13, 2006

John's Scribe

today we had a test in math and after the test Mr.Hanley teach us a new technique on how to find the denominator of a square root and then Mr.Hanley give us a example.

1-4= /3 so you subtract the smaller perfect square to the larger perfect square.
4-9= /5
9-16= /7

81 182........100
100-81= /19

And then after that he asked us what are the steps for doing this, and then Jannah answered:
1. Find the perfect squares on either side of the square root you are trying to solve.

2. Subtract the smaller perfect square from the larger perfect square.

3. Answer is your denominator.

Mr.Hanley give us this questions to answer:

Estimate each Square Root using FRACTIONS.
/67 /45 /15 /39 /57 /23

/31 /79 /8 /99 /86 /739

/666 /578 /433 /176 /333 /260

A farm has 7 equal square fields with a total area of 616 acres 2. Estimate the dimensions of each field using fractions.

In the afternoon Mr.Hanley give us back our quiz #1 and we have to do the corrections. After we did our corrections, we did our quiz #2 at the back of our paper, and when we finish our quiz he asked us if we have any questions on what were doing and nobody answered. And Mr.Hanley give us a word problems for homework.

Square Root Word Problems
a. Surinam, in South America, is roughly shaped like a square. It covers an area of about 100 489 km2. Find the length of each side of Surinam.

b. A warehouse has an area of 5808 m2. It is divided into 12 equal square sections. Find the dimensions of each section.

c.Estimate the following square roots using fractions:
/78 /189 /90 /34 /125

/145 /66 /218 /756 /867

/493 /555 /389 /678 /299

well that's my scribe post for today thank you for reading it
and the is.........Rommel.

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