Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Maxine's Scribe Post: Equivalents


So today in class we corrected our homework. We had to convert numbers into fractions, decimals, percents or ratios. For example 35.5%
Fraction - 355/1000 (hint: If you have a decimal number and you want to get into a fraction you take away the decimal and add a 0 to the denominator)
Decimal - 0.355
Ratio - 355:645

Next you have to place it onto a number line. You have the raw numbers on the top and the equivalent you choose on the bottom. Remember to put the markers because you will have to use them on the test. (0, 25, 50, 75, 100)

If you have any questions about this or need help just ask me and I'd be happy to help.

After we went over that Mr. Harbeck put up an Equivalents Pre-test. You had to fill out a chart and using NO CALCULATOR.

Convert the following values so that you can place them on the number line below. Show all your work.

Try to convert some of your own like 3:2 into a fraction. Or the ones that you find hardest even if you don't want to it'll be for the best!

Try 5/10 into a percent, 0.66 into a ratio, and 46:98 into a decimal.

After you have filled out this chart you have to place the numbers on a number line. *Remember that the raw numbers go on the top and which ever equivalent you choose goes on the bottom, put your markers before you put your numbers*

If you do not get this once again you can always ask me anything. I'm serious!
There was also one more question.
6, 6, 8, 14, 14
How could you determine whether the average of these numbers is greater than 10 without acually computing the average? Explain how you you decided if the average was more than 10 or less than 10.
BTW - You should have your big paper done because it can come in useful. And the unit book is gonna be due on Friday, I think. So have everything ready! And go over the mean, median, mode and range just in case :)
Some websites that can help you study are:

Conversions and Equivalents

Word problems using Equivalents

Well that sums it up and I'm gonna choose Boeun to be the next scribe.


marielleD_ said...

lol good scribe maaxineriLaaay, and the sites really help (y)

Mr. H said...

This is a great scribe. I appreciate the effort and the links. I hope that students will use these links to help themselves study for tomorrows test.

Great Job. It is almost Hall of Fame Worthy. (Put some practice questions in!!)


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Mark I said...

Great scribe Maxine! Nice pictures and great sites!

boeun said...
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Melvin841 said...

Nice scribe I think that Jesicca G.
from are class was to supposed to do a scribe post about the information that you put.

Oh ya and nice scribe

Smiliies said...

Hey Maxine, prettie kewl post you made. Your post is very colourful and very understandable, you deserve the best! Way to go!