Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BOB ; Proportional Reasoning

This unit was an interesting unit to work on because there were a few challenges and a few .. NON-challenges, i guess. "XKY" charts: I understood them because they were well-explained and they were easy to understand, but not at first. At first i was REALLY confused with them, but now i'm okay. Ratio tables: I understood them because just looking at them made sense and they were easy to use because of the making of the unit rate. I learned that finding the unit rate makes it easier to complete a ratio table. One thing i found out was that if an "XKY" chart, ratio table, or equivalent fraction pops up in your mind when you look at a question, then odds are ; that's the best way to figure out the question because it's easier to see or to work with. The blue book: I found easy and hard at the same time. But i found the lines, (instead of the rectangles and squares), the easiest because it was easy for me to solve, rather than the rectangles and squares. Overall, i liked this unit because it taught me a lot: how to use an "XKY" chart; how to use a ratio table; how to figure out proportion word problems, (which i understood after the first or second question!).

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