Wednesday, February 07, 2007

BOB's-Proportionat, Reasoning

I had no idea what proportionat reasoning was. I thought they were like ratios or a a portion of something or a piece. In a way I was right. I thought it may be confusing. When you gave us the blue booklet I was confused. I looked at the questions and thought to myself, are these really the questions? Simple fractions. I was wrong these thingas can be difficult, some require you to think really hard but others you get in a snap.I learned how to use equivalent fractions to solve problems first(I've always been a fraction person)the the xky chart next and lastly the ratio table. I think the most difficult part about proportional reasoning is reading the question carfully. This unit has taught me how to use these strategies(equivalent fractions, xky chart and ratio table) to figure out many other questions than just proportionat reasoning.

Summitted by J K Rowling(janna)

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