Tuesday, February 06, 2007

BOB-proportional reasoning

proportional reasoning??? well, at first i thought its gonna be hard. but when mr.h gave us a blue booklet, and taught us how to solve the problems from the blue booklet, i realized that its not that hard. and yeah, i learned lots of things from this term. and i learned three ways in solving some problems like equivalent fraction, x k y chart and ration table. x k y chart and ratio table was kind of confusing but i still use it in solving problems. oh yeah, i was also confused in word problems, because i really dont know how to solve it like the one from the test:D.. the easiest part that we did is doing the blue booklet and the most difficult part is when we were learning about word problems... i really hope that i really did a great job in this term. im expecting that i will learn more things in the next term...

Rivka Cabalquinto-8-17

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