Friday, April 06, 2007

Jake's Fraction smells like BOB

Let's see... this so called fraction unit wasn't all that difficult. It's just the way I was taught how to do it this year is different from the way i learned how to do it in grade 6. For me... i still think the way i was taught is easier. The most difficult part for me is the problem solving. I am soooo confused when it comes to those things, but i guess i just have to go to my grade 6 teacher and learn.

We had an unassignment project that was unassigned to us and i chose the shawn maestor as my partner. We worked together on it everyday in the break, we stayed up at night, talked on the phone all day and so on. For me... I don't want to put this into harsh words or anything, but i personally don't like projects or assignments and especially unassignments. The unassignment project was just like other projects i've done... it did make me work harder because i'm a procrastinator, but otherwise, it wasn't all that hard. The thing i like about doing the project is i got used to using this graphics program called Adobe Photoshop... i always see my brother use it... i guessed with the designs it carried, it can make my project creative. The thing i would change for the next unassignment project is the selection of the choices we had to choose from. I would like to create a video with friends. The unassignment project didn't really make me learn more, because i explaining what fractions are aren't all that hard... i was born with a fraction on my head. It did make me learn how to use other wikitools and picture programs.

I hope the next unit will be how to add 2 digit numbers... or as easy as that.

-Jake H.

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