Monday, April 09, 2007

Andrea's Fractions B.O.B. =)

Fractions. When I first heard that we're going to talk about fractions in Math Class, I first thought it's going to be easy. Because fractions are somewhat introduced to regular students at like, Grade 3. But half way through the lesson, I found some things complicated, like the borrowing part.

But of course, by listening attentively, the borrowing part is as easy as pie. It's just hard when you first look at it. And I find word problems really tricky. Thanks to the purple booklet! I practiced solving word problems in different types: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The best part for me is the multiplying and dividing fractions. The things is, back in my elementary days, finding the LCD and cross-reductions became really hard for me. But now, I find it really easy and somehow very interesting.

The Unproject. I liked (and I still do!) the idea of the unproject because I think it's a very unique and smart way to show our knowledge and creativity. Different students picked different kinds of projects. Some did a movie, a song, and an animation. Depends on how they want their own abilities to be seen. I, myself, did a quiz that would be good for reviewing. When Mr. Harbeck announced that we're going to have unprojects, I was really weirded/freaked out because I thought it's really, really hard to do. But when I tried, I got really busy. Just so when I realized that the unproject isn't really that hard (I just had it inside my head), you just have to give it your all. It really got me all worked up because I was thinking that I was on my own, and I have nobody to rely on but myself. Though I actually didn't start the unproject until Spring Break's over (lazy bum!). But I'm pretty surprised that it turned out a lot better than I've expected :) But next time, I'll try to have my unproject done before the night of the due date, so I won't have to rush or stay up all night doing the unproject.

See for yourselves! Here's a link to my Wiki Unproject (though this is linked to my Background Info. Just click the link there to navigate to my actual unproject):
My BG info // also, there's a link here to my unproject :)


Nicole said...

wwuuusshhhuuuu!!! I humbly say..."THANK U"... hahaha... yeah... keep it up coz there is the possibility that you will be chosen to represent our section and be the "VERY BEST IN MATH"!!!... wowowow!!! goodluck fwendship...:P

andreatria . said...

wui wui :)) ang arte mo. hahaha. :))tenkyooo naren.. :)

fwendship :))