Monday, April 09, 2007

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Fractions Unit:
Our fraction unit was complicated. I did learn how to add and subtract same denominators in grade 5 but not multiplying or dividing or even finding the LCD. I got the adding and subtracting right away. I also understood the multiplying and dividing too, I just didn't know when to do in a word problem. I still get confused while doing some word problems. The Purple book helped me practice the four types of fractions as well as finding the L.C.D. I mostly had my work done in the purple book when it was assigned, Otherwise my work was always completed.

The UnAssignment:
I really had a fun time while doing my UnAssignment. My sister helped me out and we had many laughs together while filming the video. It definatly took a lot of time (9-11 hours)but in the end I'm happy how it came out. Although I didn't actually start the project until 2 days before the project was actually due (I have a very bad procrastination problem hehe) It still came along. It took a lot of takes before it was right. The UnProject didn;t make me work harder than I usually work because when it comes to projects and test I always work and study really, really hard. (Although, I still can't beat Jake) The thing that I liked best about the UnProject was spending time with my sister. It also kept the information fresh in my head. I kept repeating all of the information and now I don't think I'd be able to ever forget this stuff. The thing/s I would change about the next UnProject would me be starting the project sooner so I wouldn't be rushing to do it. I would also have thought out everything before filming because it wasted some time. The UnProject was definatly different than any other project that I've ever done before. So... Of course I learned a lot more than a normal project would teach me. Basicaly I learned how to use Windows Movie Maker and I got experiance in acting like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah. Also maybe someday I'll have my own talkshow. Well actually no, I don't think I'd want one!

Thanks Mr. Harbeck and Mr. Hanley for teaching me some really cool stuff and also giving me a chance to do such a unique project such as the UnAssignment!!!

You can see my UnAssignment by clicking on the following link!!!

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