Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Maxine's BOB

So I found fractions a piece of cake. Though I did find word problems a little challenging. First we learned about all the types of fractions. Out of the four there are, proper, improper, mixed, equivalent and lowest common denominator. We made a big paper on these topics, mine is completed. Then we learned to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. I found this all a piece of cake too. To help us we had to do pages on the purple booklet for homework or practise. I always did my homework, that's why I get it. On the purple booklet I was stumped on a few word problems but I got them after. I just get mixed up when it comes to dividing or multiplying in a word problem.

Well I had the bestest partner ever, CJ. We sang a song about topic #1. Which is about fractions. I think we did very well and we deserve a good mark. We did all the background information you need to know and our song is awsome, though I made like one major mistake and Mr. Harbeck said we could cut and paste stuff to delete it but nope, so you can laugh at my mistake because so do I. What I liked best about this project was practising singing the song. I had so much laughs with CJ. And I'll admit this project was a little harder than most of our assignments and CJ and I finished the night before so yea... and if I had to change anything about the next project I would change the marking rubric. SO THAT SLACKERS CAN'T GET GOOD MARKS!! Because it ain't fair! Different type of project definately and it did make me learn more because I had to know about it a whole lot to help with the lyrics. And did I like this project? Yessir!

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