Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rina's Bob

In this unit, the easiest thing that I learned was adding and subtracting fractions. It was easy for me to understand and I got some help from my friends. The purple book helped me on how to add, subtract, devide and mulitply fractions. The hardest thing that I learned in this unit was deviding fractions and a little bit of multiplication. It took me a while to learn because I didn't really understand it very well, but my friends helped me. My goal for the next unit is probably to listen more so I can understand easily what I am being tought.

For the unproject, the best thing that I liked the most was was the backround information on all the different kinds of fractions. I liked this part the best because it was the easiest part, and I had the information about it on my big paper.

orange and green =)

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