Monday, April 09, 2007

Shawn's BOB

Personally, i didn't like the unassignment, actually, i didn't like the unproject at all. Well, there was one thing i liked and it was making the pictures, but putting the info wasnt all the great either. The unproject sure did make me work harder than all other assignments we did, but thanks to jake being there and helping me, he cut down the work.

What i liked best about the unproject was like i said, making the pictures because it helped me to use other programs to make the diagrams for our unproject. What i would change about the next unproject, is that i would choose a different selection for the choices we had to choose from. Like a video for example, it would be a great experience ;P. The unproject didn't really make me learn more about fractions because i was doing a different type of project because i think fractions are easy because my grade 6 teacher taught us well on fractions and i carried it to grade 7 and 8, so i think doing this unproject didn't really make me learn more, but it made me work harder.

tgeeehh boy this is SHAWN

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