Monday, April 09, 2007

Ian's BOB

In this unit we study about fraction. We study about all kinds of fraction. Also we learned how to convert improper fraction to mixed fraction and mixed fraction. But these are just the beginning. I don't really know that fraction is easy. When Mr. Harbeck and Mr. Hanley started the adding fraction, I thought that I can't do it. When they teach us about it, it became easy to me. Also the mutiplying, subracting, dividing are easy. We learn about the LCD, cross reducing, reciprocals, and many more. The pink sheet really help in this unit. I discover a lot of things because of it. Thank to Mr. Harbeck we learn a lot of things about fraction.

I wish the next unit is easy too.

unassignment project

1 Did you like the unproject.
yes it was so exciting
2 Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?
yes I really work than ever before.

3 What did you like best about the unproject?
explaining the background impormation.

4 What would you change about the next unproject?
5 Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project
yes because I research and discover more.

-Ian "CHESTER" Abad

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