Monday, April 09, 2007

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I still remember when I was in grade 4, we've studied the same thing. Our teacher taught us about the adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing of fractions. I already thought that it won't be as easy as some thinks and that it will take me a long time in order to understand the topic. I felt so s__pid especially when my teacher is explaining and I can't even answer her questions or even participate because I don't know how to do the thing that she wants me to do. I want to ask her if she can help me to explain the topic but everytime that I will go to her room, I'm really scared. Maybe because I always think that she will get mad, shout at me and will say that I don't understand it because I wasn't paying attention. So what I did is that I study very hard. But still, I did not got it and still confused.
Ever since, I got scared in math subject especially when we study the fractions. But when I was in 1st year(grade 7), my teacher helped me a lot. She taught me not to be scared in this subject because it's not as scary and so confusing as what I think. She said that I should have not take it very seriously or else, I wouldn't be able to see and feel how fun it is. I really followed her advice. And yes!!! It really worked!!!
So now, I'm not scared no more!!! I sometimes struggle but I don't give up.
I really learned a lot and it even clarified the things that I don't understand. I now learned how to divide the fraction.
I learned how to multiply the fraction as well as to add and subtract it. Mr. Harbeck gave us some advices how to solve it easily. Whenever he teaches us, happy/funny moments cannot be missed. That's why I felt so alive especially when his subject was our first thing in the morning. Adding Fractions isn't that hard. First step is to get the "COMMON DENOMINATOR" and when you already get it, you can now solve it. But you have to make sure that the answer that you're going to encircle is the "LOWEST TERM". Same thing with Subtracting Fractions. You have to make sure that the denominators are the same. Subtract both numerators. But if the first numerator is smaller than the second denominator, you have to do the borrowing and then subtract it. In Multiplying Fractions, you don't have to get the common denominator. You just have to multiply the numerator and next is the denominator. When you get the answer, you must simplify it. In Dividing Fractions, you don't even have to find the common denominator but you may notice that it is a little bit different from the others. The first step is to inverse the second fraction. It is now reciprocal. The second step is to multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second. And the last step is to simplify the fraction.
Now, I know that I can answer any fraction problems without hesitation. I hope that I would be able to pass the test tomorrow.

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andreatria . said...

Wooah, man, you're improving! Keep it up! :P

Nicole said...

thank you Andrea...lolz... u too... oh... my bad... ur not improving... coz' u already improved... but yeah... keep it up...!!!..."-_-"

-"camille"- said...

goooooooooooood job nicole. keep up the good work

Nicole said...

thnx camille =D