Saturday, April 07, 2007

Camille's B.O.B Fractions

I really had fun and I also learned alot about fractions. When I first saw adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions, I thought it was hard, but when I tried solving them, it was very easy. I think the easiest part that we did was adding fractions (actually, I think all of them are easy). Adding fractions is the easiest one because when I do something to the denominator, I just need to do the same thing to the numerator. Then you have to cross reduce (if there is something to be cross reduced). After that, I just have to add the two numerators together and the two whole numbers (you only have to add the two whole numbers if you have a mixed fraction) ***don't do anything or don't add the two denominators. If you have improper fraction, you need to convert it into mixed fraction. If you have a mixed fraction and a proper fraction, you don't have to do change or do anything to the whole number, just put it into your answer as your whole number. I learned that you can make your answer into a drawing (drawing a shape and cutting them in halves, thirds, fourths, etc.). I also learned that we can cross reduce in questions like multiplying and adding. I think the hardest part was solving word problems because I didn't know what symbol to use, I didn't know if I have to use either adding, multiplying, subtracting or dividing, but I know how to read word problems now, THANKS TO MR. HARBECK. I think I did all my homeworks and assignments in the purple booklet. I also finished my big paper with the adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. I did bad on some of our tests.

I had fun and I liked the unproject that we did. My partner was Paola. The unproject wasn't hard for me at all because all we did was explain mixed, proper, improper and equivalent fractions, and we also had to explain how to convert mixed fraction into improper fraction and how to convert improper fraction into mixed number. We also had to make a lyrics and we had to sing it, but it make me work harder because we had to use recorder and stuffs and we also did the project all over again when we had mistakes. The best thing i liked about the unproject was when we sang and rap. That was really fun because I went to Paola's house to record and watch, eat, and chat. I would add more informations and take the project more seriously and have more pictures too if we're going to do another unproject like what we did before about fractions. This unproject didn't really made me learn more because all we did was explain the different kinds of fractions, that's all, but one thing I learned was how to use the COOL EDIT because that's where we recorded our song.

If you want to look at my project, click here!!!!


I hope I would learn something new next time. I also hope to get higher marks in the third term.

- Camille T. -


Nicole said...

wowowowEEEE!!! Camille... u really did a very great job!!! wow!!! ang galing...!!! sisipsip ka pa kay Mr. Harbeck huh... k lng yun... ahhh... bsta... gud job!!!...

-"camille"- said...

thanks nicole.

andrea . said...

camille camille ;) great job :) loooooooooong post! haha :)

p/s. nicole, speak english! lol ^^

paolarose said...

hahaha!!!good thing i visit ur bob!!!andrea and nicole leave a am i!!!!nice bob!!!!i know you did your best, i bet you'll get a high mark!

-"camille"- said...

thank you guys!!!!!!! :)