Sunday, April 08, 2007

BOB - Fractions

Fractions can be very complicating. However, the easiest thing to do with fractions is add. Only because it's practically the easiest thing to do in math? But, the neckst easiest thing would be subracting, because it is kind of like subtracting normal numbers. But in order to add or subtract fractions, you must have the same denominator, (LCD), which isn't hard to find if you know your times table. Then, multiplying, because when you're multiplying fractions, all you really have to do is cross multiply if it is possible and multiply. Dividing is easy too, i guess. Only because you're not really dividing, you're multiplying. Reflecting on my work habits: I do all of my work on time. On Thursday, i was having trouble with the word problems because i didn't know when to multiply or divide, or add or subtract and then multiply or divide. That could be something i should probably work on before the test on Tuesday.
We were un-assigned an un-assignment. I was partners with Mackseeen and it was pretty fun. This un-project sort of made me work a little harder, but that may only be just because we kind of didn't really start 'til a week or two after it was un-assigned. =\ WHOOOOPS. But we got whatever we needed, done. What i liked best about the un-project was that we had no rules and anything was acceptable. As long as we explained everything an alien would want to know about fractions, how to multiply and divide fractions, or add and subtract fractions. What i would change about the neckst un-project is when it was un-assigned because it was un-assigned during spring break, and even though it was, i guess, a better date to un-assign it because we could get to see our friends during spring break, me and macks only met one day out of the nine. And two or three days after that. But it was more than enough time to complete this un-assignment. I guess i learned more than what i would have learned if we just did a boring assignment/project because it was more fun. And the stuff you learned while having fun will stick in your brain longer? Well, that's the way i see it.

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