Monday, April 09, 2007

Paola's bob (fractions)

fractions for me is no prob!since i studied it in my elementary years. But when the word problem came in the scene(test), this is what makes me sooooo!!confused!I don't know how to solve it since there is no mathematical signs on it, instead they used words. so i focused on working in word problem. i practice it by answering the PURPLE BOOKLET!
PURPLE BOOKLET is a big help to me. It help me to practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCD , equivalent fraction etc. Learning this thing could be apply to the lessons we will be learning in grade 9 and i am glad that they teach you this kind of topic.

The Unproject
This is the most fun unproject i ever did!!!!we chose to do a song, Camille and Me. I also enjoyed watching and seeing the unprojects of the other students from my class and from different class. The personal background is like doing a scribe because you put all the things you've learned in fractions and putting slides. I think that in this way of making projects, it would be easy and a big help for students like me to learn the topic but in different way that students are not only learning but also enjoying.

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