Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Michael's Bob

To me fractions are alright for me. I know most of the things you have to do like converting fractions and reducing fractions. I had some trouble with this fraction unit but I would of been able to understand everything if I actully tried during school, not being lazy and pay more attention during class. The things that helped me learn this unit was by doing my purple book and my big paper.

I wasn't a big fan on doing the unassighnment. Actully, im not even done doing my project so it's late right now and I guess I lost a quite a bit of marks. The only thing i liked about while doing the unassighnment was making up the questions. This project was harder than all the others we've done so far because i decided to work alone without a partner so I had to do all of the work myself.

*michael alohhaa*

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