Thursday, April 05, 2007

Boeun's BOB - Fractions

I had so much fun with this unit, because I thought this unit was the easiest one that we learned from the first day of the school, until now. It also refreshed my memories about fractions too. The easiest part was to multiply the fractions. I only had to do cross reduction and multiply the Numerators and the Denominators, than I just had to put it into a mixed fraction or a proper fraction. The hardest part was to figure out whether I should solve the word problem with adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. Now, I know what word means to add, subtract, multiply or divide. I learned that you could estimate the answer by drawing a picture. THANKS MR. HARBECK & MR. HANLY! =)

I had fun with doing my fractions assignment. My partner was Sarah, and I think we really worked hard as a team. We made a PowerPoint slide show for our project. The project really made me to work more harder than I usually would. If Mr. Harbeck didn't assign the project, I would have been fail the tests that we had during this unit. The best part of all was to make a slide show. The bubbleshare didn't work so I used instead, and it turned out really well so I think it was the best part. If I have another chance to do this project again, I'll write the information more specifically and will have more pictures and questions to explain more. This project made me learn more too.

I hope I would do well with the next unit that is coming up, and I wish that I won't forget about the fractions.

- Boeun S. -

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